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The screen and coat (also called buff and coat) procedure is a cost effective method of revitalizing worn or dull floors. This procedure can bring floors back to life but will not take out deep scratches, dings OR color change. Screening involves abrading the old finish on the existing floor and making it compatible for applying another layer of new finish.

R. J. Bernath will deep clean your floor, abrade the finish and apply 2 finishing coats. Usually cleaning and drying will take one day, abrading one day and one coat of finish applied per day. Additional time may be needed depending upon the amount of square footage.

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Hardwood Floor REFINISHING

A total refinish may be needed when worn or bare spots begin to appear, scratches are noticeable, color has changed or new stain color or sheen change is desired.

Site finishing of new floors or refinishing of existing floors takes more time than screen and coat. Once the floor is sanded and coated with the preferred finish it may appear flawless. Our skilled floor finishers can offer a near table top appearance without waves or other imperfections common with unskilled workmanship.

R. J. Bernath uses a dust extraction system. Our extraction system takes an enormous amount of dust finish materials out of your living environment. It should be noted, however, that a light amount of dust will still be incurred. Poor dust control can also have an effect on the final appearance of your floor.

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Gluing of hardwood floors represents a sizeable part of the hardwood flooring business with most if it installed on concrete in homes that are generally on grade (no basement). Glue-down flooring is installed by trowel spreading of adhesive on the subfloor in a pre-determined area. Each board is individually placed into the adhesive until the glued area is covered. Not all products can be glued easily. Solid hardwood has a lack of flexibility compared to engineered flooring, however not all engineered flooring can be glued. R. J. Bernath has extensive knowledge in determining whether glue-down is appropriate for your application. SUB- FLOOR PREPARATION IS A MUST.

Adhesives used for this type of installation are very costly and not just any adhesive will do. The adhesives used are non-toxic and environmentally friendly for most applications. Curing time is typically one day or an overnight period before furniture can be moved back into place.

Installing hardwood floors by traditional nailing methods have changed considerably over the years with the advent of pneumatic fasteneners. A suitable sub-floor is a must for this method.

Floating Floors
Floating hardwood floors are those that are not secured to any sub-floor. Most are engineered. They are suspended above the floor while resting on a cushioned underlayment. Originally there was only a “glue-together”. A bead of glue is squeezed into the grooves of each plank. After application, then the wood is tapped into place with hammer and tapping block.

Another type of floating floor is called a “click together”. These are installed by the floating method but without glue. There is a mechanized system milled into the boards that allow the floor to stay in place by tongue and groove once they are connected.

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Hardwood Floor PRICING

We offer the following services within the Jacksonville, Florida and surrounding areas:
Call R.J. Bernath at 904-731-8203 for pricing.

Hardwood Floor Installation Labor Only:

Nail down wood floors
Glue down wood floors
Floating wood floors
Sound control (high-rise)
Moisture Barrier (trowed spread)
Shoe Molding or quarter round
Shoe Molding Remove and re-install
Baseboard Installation
Install common borders
Install medallion
Install hardwood on stairs 3’ width
Refinish hardwood on stairs 3’ width
Refinish wood floors (sand and 4 coats)
Stain wood floors
Refinish parquet floors (sand and 4 coats)
Screen and Coat (buff and top coat)

Room Prep:
Remove Carpet and Tack strip
Remove Ceramic tile
Floor preparation – flatten concrete (fill voids and valleys)
Remove and reinstall toilet
Appliance movement
Furniture movement

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