Care & Cleaning


Care and maintenance of your hardwood floor is as important as deciding which wood flooring to install. Cleaning plays an important role to the longevity of your investment, but attention to damage prevention is as important as well. Our skilled flooring installers take the utmost pride in their work, taking care not to damage pre-finished floors while installing. Keeping glue off the floor while installing a floor is very important.

R.J. Bernath offers hardwood floor cleaning products which are virtually the best on the market. We have seen many cleaners come and go over the years, so we offer an excellent and dependable hardwood floor cleaner along with the hardwood floor accessories and cleaning supplies to help keep your wood floor in the best condition possible.

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General Wood Floor Maintenance and Care Guidelines
  • Place bristle type mats at all exterior door entries. These will collect larger pieces of grit or small stones that may damage your new floor.
  • Place area rugs at all entry points inside the home.
  • Place protectors under furniture legs and keep them free from grit. Each time the floor is swept or cleaned, check for any grit that may collect under a chair or furniture leg to prevent damage to your wood floor.
  • Place area rugs at all water areas. Kitchens are most important in this case. One may not be enough and we suggest others in front of the refrigerator, dishwasher and kitchen sink area.
  • Appliances need some type of protection when moved to prevent scratches and gouges in your beautiful wood floor.
Hardwood Floor Cleaners, Supplies and Products
  • R. J. Bernath offers two types of hardwood floor cleaners: one for urethane coated hardwood floors and one for oiled hardwood floors.
  • Urethane Hardwood Floor Cleaner comes in 1 gallon size. This Swedish formula floor cleaner is water-based, environmentally friendly and it will leave NO oily residue.
  • For large areas, spray on the soiled area and use a wiper mop to remove.
  • Use as needed.

Floor cleaning products directions for use on your hardwood flooring:
Use a dustmop to dust, or vacuum to remove any loose grit before you clean your hardwood floor. Spray Hardwood Floor Cleaner on stubborn spots, rubber heel marks, or sticky spills. Wipe clean with a wipermop sold below. Hard wiping may be required to remove tough spots and spills.


WIPER MOP: $15.00 each
Perfect for use with Hardwood Floor Cleaner. Includes one free cover

WIPER MOP CHANGEABLE COVERS: Call for price and details

Includes 1 quart of cleaner, wiper mop, 1 mop cover

OILED FLOOR CLEANER: Call for price and details

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